The Geowave is used in hospitals

Several scientific studies have been done on the Geowave.

In 2005, the study „Biomedical Evidence for Influences of Geopathic Stress on the Human Body: Scientifically Traceable Effects and a Way for Harmonization“ was accepted in the peer review procedure for publication in the most prestigious journal of complementary medicine in Europe „Research in Complementary and Classical Natural Medicine“. (Study)

In short, the study demonstrated an improvement, with the Geowave, in several areas, mainly the head, heart, lymphatic system, the urogenital system and the gastrointestinal tract, in only FIFTEEN minutes.  See a summary of that study in our blog.


Do not miss the studies on dairy cows showing extraordinary results in terms of milk production and animals health improvement.

Due to the good results with thousands of cattle, the GEOWAVE device was awarded “Agricultural Product of the Year 2010” by the University of Wisconsin Plateville Pioneer NAMA, one of the largest agricultural universities in the United States . During April / May 2010, a National Contest was held in Kansas city, and 34 universities competed to see who had the best products: the LegenDairy became positioned into the final best seven in placement.  This article explains the benefits of the Geowave on dairy cows.


The study ‘Geopathic stress zones and insomnia (Hacker G.W., Augner C., Reecher D, Kuykendall R., Pauser G.) has been submitted to ‘Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Clinical Roundup Communication (2010)’, and will be published soon.  The results clearly show an improvement in sleep times and quality after the installation of a Geowave.


More studies and information about how Geopathic stress affect human health will be found here and here on our site.

Make sure you also visit  this article showing that many cancer clusters sit above geopathic stressed zones, as  proven by information directly from the US goverment geological website.


WARNING: We do NOT claim or imply that the Geowave heals cancer or other diseaes, only that it protects the body from external stress coming from geopathic zones and electromagnetic fields.  However, since it is a medically accepted fact that stress lowers the immune system and is linked to many diseases, and even recent research suggests that ‘stress can cause tumors to grow and spread (Yale), nobody can argue that by lowering stress, one helps the body to work better, and that it will have more energy to sleep, recover or heal. We do not make any claims or imply anything about how to cure cancer or other diseases.  Our products only help the body to perform better.  Always follow your trusted doctor’s recommendations.