A few pictures speak better than a thousand words as they say !

This 45 year old woman started to benefit from using the Geowave immediately after she hung one in her house, and in just 4 months of using the Geowave, her hands look 10 years younger.

But this amazing change in her skin is a reflection of how her whole body began to operate at an optimum level. She now sleeps deeper than ever before, and her physical energy and stamina has noticeably increased.

She experienced a 69% increase in one of the essential hormones known to play a major role in keeping younger appearance – and as this change was occurring, she witnessed the skin on her body (especially her hands) become younger and younger.

Let’s look at Tammy’s energy field evolution thanks to the Geowave:

On September 24, 2008, before Tammy had ever been exposed to the beneficial effects of the Geowave, we captured her energy field using the “Gas Discharge Visualization” (GDV) equipment. The GDV is the state
of the art in Bioelectrography and was created by Prof. – Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. (For more information about GDV, see here)

Tammy's perturbed energy field before the Geowave

Image 1 - Tammy's energy field before the Geowave

Image 2 - Tammy's energy field after 60'

Image 2 - Tammy's energy field after 60'

Image 3 - Tammy's energy field after 4 months with the Geowave

Image 1 was taken in Tammy’s home before the Geowave was ever installed. So image #1 is Tammy’s baseline energy field.

Two important things to note about her energy field in image #1: First; her energy field is inconsistent with extreme highs and lows (spikes and valleys). Secondly; she has a significant amount of gaps in her energy field.

GDV technology explains that gaps in the energy fields come from disfunctioning organs.
Once we established the above baseline reading, Tammy installed a Geowave at the highest point on the inside of her home (very easy to install). We then waited for 60 minutes after the installation of the Geowave and re-tested Tammy.

The above image (#2) was taken after Tammy was exposed to the Geowave for 60 minutes (one hour). Still far from perfect, her energy field has improved considerably in just 60 minutes – much more consistent with fewer gaps. Tammy’s environment did not change, but her body is reacting better to her environment because the Geowave was installed.

The above image (#3) was taken on February 11, 2009 at Tammy’s home, about 4.5 months after the Geowave was installed.  She now has a completely full energy field surrounding her body – it’s consistent and has no gaps.

This illustrates that Tammy’s body is operating much better – and explains why she has so much more usable energy on a daily basis.
It also explains why her hands now look 10 years younger!

Tammy’s left hand 6 weeks after the Geowave
Tammy's left hand 4 months after the Geowave
Tammy’s left hand 4 months after the Geowave

The improved hands, shown above, are the physical results of what the Geowave did for Tammy in just over 4 months!

“My wife has been concerned about the appearance of her hands for years. She tried countless lotions and oils but nothing worked. During the past 3 months we have noticed a gradual but significant change in my wife’s skin. Her hands are smoother, less wrinkly and more youthful looking. They look and feel amazing. The only thing we can connect this change to is our Geowave. We hung it in our house about 4 months ago and have made no other changes in our lifestyle. We are thrilled and look forward to more positive changes from the Geowave”.
Mark Schreiber, Pasadena, Maryland

Prior to the Geowave, her body was not functioning properly as the gaps in image 1 prove !

Her body is functioning much better now!

Tammy’s body is now operating after 4.5 months with the Geowave in her home – and as a result of this, her hands look 10 years younger!

Results will vary depending on each person’s life-style, their environment and so forth.

What’s important to understand is the Geowave helps the body to operate better – to operate at an optimum level. Tammy’s body did not adjust immediately; it was a gradual and continuous improvement over four months. And there is a good chance Tammy is still adjusting to the positive effects created by the Geowave. And this is why we offer you a 6 month, 100% money-back guarantee. If you allow your body to benefit from the influence of the Geowave continuously for at least three months, we know you will never return it to us. Because if you did, your body would just adjust back to the way it was before you purchased a Geowave. The Geowave is about operating at your best for the rest of your life.

“I am a 45 year old female. A few years ago I noticed my hands were beginning to look old; as if I were wearing a pair of old gloves. When I pushed the edge of my finger across my skin it looked like crepe paper. I couldn’t figure out why I had such a dramatic change to the skin on my hands, I was too young for them to look as they did. I decided to go to the doctor and have a complete hormonal panel done to see if there had been any changes. The test showed that all of my hormones had decreased dramatically. I tried everything to get my hands to appear younger looking. Nothing worked. Then I installed a Geowave in my house about four months ago. Since I am so aware of my hands, it was quite obvious to me that my hands were beginning to improve after only having the Geowave for about six weeks. So I took a picture of my still wrinkled, but improved hands. 2 and 1/2 months later I was really beginning to like the way my skin was looking, so I took more pictures of my hands, and when I put them side by side – the change is dramatic. They look 10 years younger. Not only that, my face seems more relaxed; the lines between my brow have softened. I will follow up on this testimonial. There are things I am noticing every day. I realize the dramatic improvement to my skin is just a reflection of how much better the inside of my body is operating. I sleep better and I have more energy – I feel great! The Geowave is a powerful device that has made me healthier and brought my youth back. “
Tammy, Pasadena, MD

A 69% increase in testosterone results in younger looking hands

Tammy Rose had a 69% increase in her testosterone level after she installed the Geowave in her home. This increase in her hormone level goes a long way to explain why her hands look 10 years younger in 4 months.

The Geowave will help you:

  • Gain more physical and mental energy!
  • Look and feel younger!
  • Conquer insomnia!
  • Sleep deeper / sleep better!
  • De-stress your environment and your body – allow your muscles to relax!
  • Relax – by removing the stress from your body, your muscles will have the ability to extend into a fully relaxed and rested position!

Photo by Ivan Caniga

“I have personally used the Geowave for over four years and it really helps me sleep deeper. I wake-up feeling fresh and I have so much more energy. The Geowave has given me a more powerful look and a better appearance. This has really helped me with my modeling and acting career – it helps keep me in top condition! Get “young” again by using the Geowave! “
Barbara Jung, architect and top Austrian model

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