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“UWP Pioneer NAMA has selected the Geowave as our agricultural product of the year and our honored to be presenting the Geowave for our 2009-2010 National Agri-Marketing Competition in Kansas City, MO.

Geowave captured our attention from one of our group members’ families who is currently hanging the Geowave in her home.  It became very fascinating to all of us.  We decided to do more research on the product and we liked what we found.  Since our competition has to be based on Agriculture, we decided to make the Geowave available for dairy farmers.  The benefits of the Geowave for dairy farms is tremendous.  By decreasing the environmental stress from the animal’s surroundings, the animal becomes more comfortable and as a result decreasing the somatic cell count.  Also, by eliminating environmental stress from the animal, the milk production is increased.

We feel as a group that we couldn’t ask for a better product, thanks to Geowave USA.  Pioneer NAMA is very excited to help market this product at the national competition.

Hannah  Daniels, UWP Pioneer President, University of Wisconsin, 12/8/2009


50% milk production increase !

Why do you think that the Geowave has been labeled Agricultural Product of The Year by the University of Wisconsin Pioneers ?

Because, as you will see below, recent studies have proven the effect of the Geowave on dairy cows in terms of milk production increase and general well-being.

Recent studies clearly shows that the Geowave effect is real and is not due to placebo.

One study, done in Zurich Switzerland, will be published soon, but, in the meantime, we can release the major findings:

– the cows were tested before being placed in a geopathic zone and after the Geowave was installed

– the Geowave was removed several times, and every time the measured parameters worsened.  When the Geowave was put back, they started to improve again, thereby proving that the effect measured was due to the Geowave only.

– the study confirms that the geopathic stress, including electrosmog, affects animals health

– when the Geowave was installed, measurements show a 25% increase in morning melatonin, and a 25% decrease of somatic cells. Somatic cells reveal the degree of inflammation/infection of the animal, the lower, the better.  See ‘Why reduce somatic cells in milk?’

–  claw and udder inflammation greatly reduced under the Geowave, and returned after removal of the Geowave.

See here for a more complete summary of this study.

Another recent study was done in several dairy farms throughout the U.S. in which a CA Geowave device was placed in the barn and the somatic cell count  and production count was monitored daily.

The charts shown below are an example of the results obtained in one particular farm in Oklahoma.

Decrease of somatic cells under a Geowave

Increase of milk production under a Geowave *

As the chart above shows, milk production increased by 50% under the Geowave.

* The reason why milk production was lower before using the Geowave is that the cows were living in an esmog/geopathic zone which causes stress and inhibits peak health and production.

The diagram also proves that the Geowave cancels it and improves the overall health of the animal, resulting in a better functioning body, hence a higher milk production.

The complete study will be inserted here as soon as it is officially published.

You can already see official articles here and here.

More information about the Geowave here.