The secret to physical performance of Brett Goode, Green Bay Packers – a Geowave

Brett Goode has a unique performance optimizer

Congratuations to the Green Bay packers for winning the Superbowl!

And also congratulations to Brett Goode for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to physical performance since he, along with other world-class athletes and Olympic champions, is fortunate enough to be using a natural but powerful performance optimizer.

When it comes to professional sports, every little bit of help that can increase your speed, strength, and recovery time can make the difference between winning and losing.

All training techniques, nutrition tips, and ‘magic’ supplements are known and used by every athlete already, so a pro must constantly look for new products and ideas, sometimes beyond common knowledge.

The secret to optimum performance

As Brett Goode found out, he improved his strength and recovery time by … doing nothing else than hanging a Geowave in his house.

It’s one of the easiest things a professional athlete can do!

The Geowave is known throughout Europe to help the body eliminate stress, which results in many health benefits.  For instance, the Geowave  allows athletes to sleep deeper, every night, which inevitably improves physical performance, recovery times, time between injuries, etc.

A deeper sleep also means increased melatonin production, which is a powerful antioxidant, tumor growth suppressor and also has anti-aging properties. Melatonin production goes hand in hand with HGH production.

That’s why other world-class athletes, Olympic champions use a Geowave too.

Here is what Brett says:

[cssbox  style=’border:1px black ; padding:5px ; background-color :#79d446 ; width:500 px;’]“Within 5 to 6 days after hanging the Geowave in my home, I realized I was sleeping much deeper and better. I then began to notice my recovery time between workouts was getting shorter and my strength is increasing.

I highly recommend the Geowave to any serious athlete.”

Brett Goode #61, Long-snapper, Green Bay Packers


I can’t agree more, no serious athlete will overlook a solution to sleep deeper every night.  Especially when it is as simple and affordable as the Geowave.  Most athletes easily spend $ 1,000 on supplements over only a few months.  On the other side, a Geowave lasts forever, so it is really the best investment a serious athlete can make.

And Mark Lovat, Green Bay Packers’ strength and conditioning coach agrees!

[cssbox  style=’border:1px black ; padding:5px ; background-color :#79d446 ; width:500 px;’]“After using the Geowave for a couple months, I do feel that my sleeping experience has improved. I have noticed a deeper sleeping experience with fewer interruptions.

Early on, I experienced more vivid dreams much like my experiences with the supplement ZMA.  This effect seems to have passed as my sleeping experience continues to be sound. I believe that sleep is crucial to overall health and well being.  The Geowave is a quality tool in maximizing this often overlooked time of day.”

Mark Lovat, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Green Bay Packers


Whatever you decide, one thing is certain.  You will compete with athletes out there with superior recovery and strength thanks to their Geowave!

Is it worth saving a thousand bucks? The Geowave should be on every NFL team shopping list.

No matter how good you are, you can be better with a Geowave.

Click here for more information about the Geowave.  See our 60-day full money back guarantee!

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