Here are a few world-class sportsmen who have been using with great success the Geowave to improve their performances.


Markus and Tobias Schiegl - World Champions Austria Olympic Luge Team

• Brett Goode (Professional Football player, Green Bay Packers)

• Franz Müllner (Strongman, several world records)

• Rainer Popp (vice world champion, Ultra-cycling-marathon 2005)

• Michael Botwinov, nordic world champion 1999, Olympic silver and bronze medallist

• Thomas Brunauer und Franz Gruber, Skyrunner (world record Kilimandjaro)

• Franz Höfer (Austrian national triathlon Champion)

• Steinacher/Hagara (2x Olympic Champions Sailing)

• Axel Merckx (Olympic cycling bronze medallist, Athens 2004)

• Eddy Merckx (cycling legend)

• Prof. Baldur Preiml, Weißensee (legendary skijumping coach)

• University and Federal Sports Centre Salzburg-Rif

“Within 5 to 6 days after hanging the Geowave in my home, I realized I was sleeping much deeper and better. I then began to notice my recovery time between workouts was getting shorter and my strength is increasing. I highly recommend the Geowave to any serious athlete.”

Strongman and Guinness World Record Holder Franz Müllner

Brett Goode #61, Long-snapper, Green Bay Packers

“After using the Geowave for a couple months, I do feel that my sleeping experience has improved. I have noticed a deeper sleeping experience with fewer interruptions.

Early on, I experienced more vivid dreams much like my experiences with the supplement ZMA.  This effect seems to have passed as my sleeping experience continues to be sound. I believe that sleep is crucial to overall health and well being.  The Geowave is a quality tool in maximizing this often overlooked time of day.”

Mark Lovat, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Green Bay Packers

“Since I started using the Geowave (about 6 months ago) a lot of positive changes have occurred for me and my family: The everyday stress of life is gone. My children are generally quieter and get along better than they did before we installed the Geowave, and this has certainly made it easier on my wife.
Since I am a professional sportsman, good sleep is essential to me. Since the Geowave was installed, I can sleep throughout the night – every night, and my body regenerates much faster than before. To have the body and the physical & mental discipline to be a world class athlete, I must constantly have controlled stress in my life – in other words, I must train day and night. But before the Geowave was installed in my home, my body and mind could not recover fast enough. Since the day the Geowave was hung on the ceiling, I simply regenerate so much faster and I can train with full 100% power much quicker than before. For me – as an extreme athlete (whose life is filled with extreme situations) the Wave is sheer “magic”! So I recommend you hang a Geowave in your house, and your life will take a new positive course. Whether you are a top athlete or an amateur –GeoWave is the right thing for everyone. ”
Franz Mullner  Strong man and Guinness World Record Holder

World Champion Cyclist - Rainer Popp

World Champion Cyclist - Rainer Popp

Mountain bike race across the Alps in 2004:”It was incomprehensible to me, but during  24 hours “in hell” I had not experienced one single tension problem. I owe this change to the Geowave – the Geowave is like a miracle potion. I was racing against 24 of the best extreme athletes from around the world and I am two hours and 15 minutes in front of my last year’s time. I finished the race in 24 hours and 36 minutes of uninterrupted cycling in ice and snow and was the second best German driver. I never experienced any stomach or knee problems, which I had the year before. Never before had the extreme strains of the race had such little impact on me as they did this year. After 41 hours and more than 1,000 kilometres of cycling, I didn’t want to get off the bike, I wanted to go on!”
Rainer Popp – 7/11/04  World Champion Cyclist

“We have both been using the Geowave for over 3 years and we sleep so much better – and this is very important to us. We travel a lot and jetlag use to be a problem for us – but since we have been using the Geowave, we no longer experience the jetlag feeling. We are World Cup Champions, Vice World Champions, Multiple Austrian Champions, and we conclude that the total mental and physical recovery during our journeys through-out the world has been facilitated by using the Geowave. We are currently preparing ourselves for the next Olympic Games and also want to mention that our coach also has a Geowave, and is very excited about what it does.”
Markus Schiegl and Tobias SchieglWorld Champions, Austria Olympic Luge Team

“The best ideas are simple. The Geowave is a brilliant invention that puts us back in touch with the environment. My own experience defies rational attempts at an explanation.”
Prof. Baldur PreimlFormer trainer of the Austrian ski jumping national