“Geopathic stress is a major blocker for the energy.  The Geowave works really well for my patients, sometimes with dramatic improvements.
They sleep better, they have more energy, and are able to detox.  A customer who could not sleep for 20 years with sleeping aids, slept through the first night under the Geowave without any help, her husband stopped snoring.
The tests show reduced stress levels once a Geowave is setup.
My daughter suffered from electrosmog, she could not sleep before the Geowave, but she started sleeping again shortly after using the Geowave.  That’s why I started introducing the Geowave to my patients suffering from electrosmog. They all improved, some dramatically.  I just know it works.”
Sharon Fan – Chinese MD, natural doctor, Maryland USA

Here are a few examples of hospitals and medical practices using the Geowave, as well as personal testimonials from physicians.


• Sharon Fan, Chinese MD, natural doctor, Chinese MD, Maryland, USA
• German City Hospital, Baden-Baden (Germany)
• Futuristic Clinic, Dubai (Verein. Arab. Emirate)
• Salzburg Federal Hospitals (SALK):
– Salzburg Federal Hospital – University Clinics of Paracelsus Private Medical University
– Christian-Doppler-Hospital, Salzburg
– Research Institute for Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology, Salzburg
• Accident Hospital oft he Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks, Salzburg
• Otto Wagner Hospital, Vienna
• Wilhelminen Hospital, Vienna
• Hietzing Hospital, Vienna
• Gottfried von Preyer Children’s Hospital, Vienna
• Emperor Franz Josef Hospital, Vienna
• Empress Elisabeth, Vienna
• Viennese Hospital Association, Austria
• Hospital oft he Brothers of Charity, Salzburg
• Oberndorf/ Salzburg Hospital
• St. Josef Hospital, Braunau
• SKA – RZ Bad Schallerbach
• VAMED, Vienna
• Adler Pharma, Zell am See

“Years ago, when we first began testing the Geowave in our large hospital complex, we searched for a place to install it in order to learn more about its ability to reduce stress, either environmental or other types of stress. There was one place which was predestined for such an initial testing – and that was the room where all of our hospital telephone operators fulfill their enormously stressful jobs. A room filled with people in stress, and with a huge load of technical equipment. This particular department was experiencing a significant amount of sick-days and the employee turnover rate was many times higher than any other department in the hospital complex. This was an ideal location to test whether the Geowave would be able to make a noticeable improvement.

The device was mounted as a design element at an optimal location in the telephone operators’ room. The unit was installed during a weekend night without the knowledge of any employees. Within two months, we were certain about the validity of the Geowave and its ability to calm an area. Needless to say that, in the telephone operator’s room, the number of sick days has decreased and the employee turnover rate has gone back to a rate which one would usually expect. Since that time, more than 100 Geowaves have been placed throughout our hospital complex to create a calming / relaxing effect for our patients and staff.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker,  Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, Molecular Scientist

Dr Gerhard W. Hacker

“Special attention was given to the Geowave device which had originally been created as a design element to improve the ambiance of the hospital. It was soon discovered to generate a calming relaxing feeling to patients in our university clinics, as well as improve healing.

In our scientific studies, we were able to prove, with maximum statistical significance, that the Geowave has a strong harmonizing effect and provides people with additional energy. It was also shown to de-stress the human body – people just sleep better and perform better the next day. After stressful work-outs and sporting events, regeneration takes place more rapidly – a fact which has turned out to be of crucial importance for professional athletes.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker,  Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, Molecular Scientist

“In our scientific studies, we have statistically shown that the Geowave has a significant harmonizing and stress-reducing effect. Once it was thoroughly tested and we knew the benefits it provided to those who used it, we purchased about 100 units for our hospital complexes. Our hospital, like most hospitals and businesses, has to make every expense count. In the long-term, the well-being of our patients and personnel, as well as improved healing capacities for our patients, as provided by the Geowave, far outweighs any expense we had to make.”

Prim. HR Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gernot Pauser, M.D.

Head, University Clinic for Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and General Intensive Care, and Former Medical Director, Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg – University Clinics of the Paracelsus Private Medical University, Salzburg Federal Clinics (SALK), Salzburg, Austria”

“I’ve been in the alternative healthcare business for most of my life, and at age 58, I consider myself in very good health – I have more energy than most people my age. Within 6 days after hanging the Geowave in my home, I clearly noticed an increase in my energy level – although it was comfortable, it was a distinct increase, almost like a mellow buzz. I also sleep much deeper with the Geowave. But the biggest improvement I have noticed is my ability to quickly regenerate. I live in the mountains of Arkansas and love working outside, cutting trees etc. But the following day, I’m usually very tired and sore – and I usually have an ‘old man walk’ which lasts until my body heals. But this has not occurred since the Geowave was hung on our ceiling. It improves the way you feel and I have no doubt it will help people live longer, healthier lives.”

From Dr. Rick Kuykendall, radio show host “How You Can Be Your Own Doctor”, Arkansas

“In order to reduce the effects of stress and to improve the well-being of our patients, we installed aver 100 Geowaves in the Salzburg Federal University Clinics.”

HR Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gernot PAUSER

Former Medical Director of the Salzburg Federal Hospital – University Clinic of the PMU, and Chief Doctor, University Clinic of Anaesthesiology, Preoperative Medicine and General Intensive Care, Salzburg; Austria.

“In our scientific studies, we were able to show, with the highest statistical significance, the harmonizing and stress-reducing effects the Geowave. We also have numerous indications that the Geowave assists in the healing process. We also observed that the Geowave showed calming effects on working personnel. For the vast majority of people, the GeoWave device helps to balance health, to reduce stress effects, to increase well-being and to provide additional ‘energy’. ”
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. HACKERHead, IGGMB – Research Institute for Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology (IGGMB), Salzburg Federal Hospital – University Clinic of the PMU