• D. Swarovski & Co, Wattens, Tyrol
• Mercedes Benz, Salzburg

The Geowave is perfect to cope with a stressful office

• Großglockner High Alpine Road Corp.
• Sheltered Workshops, Salzburg
• Building Association Wüstenrot, Salzburg
• Wüstenrot Insurance Corp., Salzburg
• Salzburger Nachrichten
• Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart
• Salzburger Sparkasse
• Raiffeisenbank Salzburg, Straßwalchen, Oberwart, Stadtschlaining
• Bank Vontobel Österreich AG, Salzburg
• Generali Versicherung AG
• EFS – Euro Finanz Service AG, Salzburg
• Salzburg Corp. For Energy, Transport and Telecommunication (Austria)
• Interspar, Salzburg
• Textil Teppich Möbel Leiner, Salzburg
• Scheicher Furnitures, Salzburg
• Verit Verwaltungs- und Immobilien-Gesellschaft, Chur (CH)
• Dr. Gerlich & Co Gebäude- und Facilitymanagement, Salzburg
• Schlotterer GmbH, shutters and parquet flooring
• Wienerroither GmbH & Co KG, Mondsee
• Association of Austrian Cities and Towns, Vienna
• KÖGEL Chimneys and Solar Technology, Backnang (Germany)

The Geowave is ideal for wellness centers


• Hotel Seehof, Mondsee
• Hotel Kaiser in Tirol, Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser
• Hotel Krainerhütte, Helenental / Baden, Vienna
• Hotel Schloss Haunsperg, Oberalm
• Hotel Kolbitsch, Weißensee, Carinthia
• Pension Garni Sportalm, Sölden
• Appartmenthaus Arnika, Sölden
• Cafe Fingerlos, Salzburg
• Restaurant Triangel, Salzburg
• Cafe Tomaselli, Salzburg
• Steinterrasse, Salzburg (Hotel Stein)

“Before renting my office space in Graz (Austria), each room was carefully checked for the possible presence of electro-smog and geopathic stress zones. Elevated levels of electromagnetic fields were found – and can be contributed to a nearby electric power transformer station. I really wanted this office, but whenever I entered the space and stayed for a few minutes, I would get mild headaches. I had heard about the Geowave device and its ability to harmonize when electro-smog was present. So I decided to try the Geowave before finalizing the contract to rent the office.  The success was surprisingly good. The electro-smog had waned significantly in its effect, and the slight headaches I was getting were no longer present. The entire office felt much better. This meant I was now comfortable with this space and the final contract to rent the facility was finalized.  In order to check the effect of the Geowave, we would, from time to time, de-mount the Geowave device to see if we could feel a difference. After only a short duration, the negative side-effects of electromagnetic fields were noticeable – so we quickly hung it back in its place.

The positive effects of the Geowave have been consistent since 2003. Other than dusting the device from time to time, it is totally maintenance-free. In summary I can say that the purchase of the Geowave has been a very useful and cost-effective investment and is an important contribution towards the wellbeing of our workplace.”

Frank Ranze

The real estate management company had problems with the tenants of an apartment building. Heavy turnover – tenant after tenant leaving, and many disputes among tenants. This prompted our company to react. Without the knowledge of the tenants, we mounted Geowave devices inside the ceiling panels (invisible to the tenants). 2 years have passed and the real estate company reports that there has been no more problems since the Geowaves were installed – and tenants are staying for much longer periods of time.”
Christian Durr

“The woman of the house was experiencing extreme migraine attacks and could not get a restful night sleep. She had been trying, for sometime, to figure out how she could get a better night sleep. So I installed a Geowave in her home. Three days after the Geowave was installed, the woman was sleeping through the night and her headaches had already improved. And as of today (January, 2006), she no longer has migraine attacks.”
Barbara JungArchitect

“In recent years, I have made a number of interesting observations after installing the Geowave in bedrooms, living and working areas: Infants who could not sleep through the night began sleeping through the night again; physical tensions were suddenly solved; sleeping pills were no longer needed because people started to sleep through the night; Illnesses and diseases improved quickly, and in many cases, were completely cured; ant problems in houses, suddenly disappeared.
Additional observations were also made on the outside of houses: Flowers that had not bloomed for years began to bloom again after the Geowave was installed. It is fascinating to see how the Geowave, with its specific shape, material compositions and surface texture not only harmonizes with humans, but also with plants and animals!”
Barbara JungArchitect

“In the summer of 2006, the product “GEOWAVE” was presented to me. After consultation with the administrator of the special pedagogic center and the chairman of the worker’s council for the Salzburg Federal Clinics, in whose areas Geowaves were already in use, and also following positive reports from the media, we started a project in the summer of 2006, to test the results of the Geowave.
The required number of Geowaves was installed in the garrets (below the roof) of the facility and no-one (from my staff or students) except me, had any knowledge of the mounting and de-mounting of the Geowave devices during this pilot study.
For whatever reason, within a few days, I noticed that the general peace (sleep) in the areas where the Geowave had been mounted was already occurring much earlier than before, and not one nocturnal heckling had been observed since the Geowaves were installed. Within days, I also noticed changes to the “daily reports” I receive from several of the educators (teachers) – the new comments went something like this: “very calm class today”, “pleasant class today”, etc. At that stage, none of the educators knew about the Geowaves or the tests we were conducting.
In building 3 (home 3) which was equipped last with the Geowave, the same effects could be ascertained.
Although still not explainable to me, the following improvements to the home operation were observed and recorded:
01) The night’s sleep occurs much earlier, and disruption of sleep after 11:30 p.m. can be found only extremely rare.

02) Aggressive behavior and periods of heavy disruptions no longer exists in an unusual manner. This type of behavior was once the norm and always got worse during nights with a full moon. It is no longer an issue.

03) The desire to solve conflictive situations has greatly increased, i.e. personal errors and mistakes are easier to admit – and even young people with strong social deficits living in the home turned out to be much easier to integrate.

04) Those rooms having the strongest stress, which had always been “problem rooms”, no matter which students lived in them, are not problem rooms anymore. There is no difference between any of the rooms any longer.

In summary, I can only comment that the experiences gained after mounting the Geowaves, strongly differ from those seen by me before and also seen by my predecessor in the years before, and that the “negative emotional peaks” have significantly decreased.
I don’t really understand How the Geowave can produce such results, but the result is a definitive one. During the 10 months we conducted these tests, I also followed the reports about the Geowave phenomenon outside our home, and we are not the only ones getting positive results from using the Geowave. For example, the Salzburg Federal Hospital has 50-100 Geowaves in various departments. It’s now installed in wellness facilities, clinics and offices of private institutions – and many of our political leaders are using them. I guess I am not the only one to attribute the positive results to the properties of the Geowave device.
I am therefore grateful for this opportunity in the project phase and herewith apply for keeping the Geowaves in our scholar’s home. Because of the positive experience we have had, I recommend mounting Geowave devices in other professional student’s homes and possibly even trade schools.
Michael Burghardt5/24/2007