The best proof of the Geowave efficiency is to see it work on animals, thereby proving that there is no ‘placebo’ effect, or marketing hype.

Geowave calms down animals

The Geowave is used by farmers

The Geowave effect is real and it touches all living beings.

See this study proving that the Geowave improves dairy cows health and decreases inflammation.

“In June of 2003, I was working with a horse stable near Lake Zurich. Their top horse was having serious problems and the trainers did not understand why. This horse was clearly uncomfortable in his stall and often fainted. The family was very concerned about their number 1 horse, especially since all the other horses in the stable were comfortable and had no problems.
The owners of the horse came to believe that the circuit panel / electrical distribution panel for the entire stable was the problem, as it was built into the wall adjacent to the stall where the sick horse was staying. So I installed one Geowave in the stable and the condition of the horse improved the very first day – the horse was no longer uncomfortable in his stall.”
Christian Durr

Healthy horse

“I would like to tell you about my experience with the Geowave and the effect it has had in the stable of my organic farm.
I started to develop major problems with many of my milk cows. They became sick and had utter problems – and what little milk they were producing, was not usable. We also noticed that they had become very stiff and rigid in their joints. I was very surprised and had no idea why.
After losing four cows and the expensive veterinarian bills I had to pay, I wanted another solution fast. But despite many conversations I had with knowledgeable people, I came up with no solution.
Then one day, I heard an interview on the radio about the Geowave. I called your company and had Geowaves installed in my barn. The result was amazing. It has been a whole year and I have not had any problems since the Geowaves were installed.
The positive affects from the Geowave has been demonstrated to me!
I am sincerely grateful and very happy I decided to try the Geowave.”
Yours sincerely
Herbert Kronreif  9/30/2004