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What better proof than its effectiveness than being used in hospitals ?

Geowave has been tested in hospitals

By Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, Molecular Scientist

Are there places that we sit, stand or sleep that are better or worse energetically for us? Could there be devices that can be placed in our presence which have a dramatic effect on how we feel, sleep, work and play?
When I first heard about these things as a purely molecular-oriented scientist, I dismissed them as fantasies or as another promotion where someone was trying to make a fast buck. However, in those days, I too, did not sleep well at night and tossed and turned in bed for hours until I finally fell asleep. I consistently woke throughout the night and it was impossible for me to get a restful night’s sleep. I would even turn to sleeping pills just to get through the night.

But then I had an enlightening experience. A colleague from the hospital nearby told me about something extraordinary that had happened there. During the process of renovating some of the hospital rooms, the administration tried to create a more pleasant atmosphere for the patients. A ceiling supplier came up with an idea to create a more soothing environment by suspending a thin metallic curved element beneath the ceiling lights of the hospital room. This wavy shaped product was artistically and visually pleasant. What happened next truly amazed him.
During a television report about the hospital renovations, patients claimed their hospital stay felt more like they were on vacation. There were similar and consistent responses from those who stayed in rooms equipped with this oddly shaped device.
The creator of this ceiling element, was astonished by these comments. He had dabbled as an amateur in the concepts of “energy fields” but could not understand why these elements would have positive effects on people who were hospitalized.
During this same time I received a phone call from one of the hospital managers asking me to provide a scientific opinion on this “vacation phenomenon”. My reaction was spontaneous – How could a piece of metal cause such changes? Remember, I myself had sleeping problems; so, I decided to set up a self-test. I asked my colleagues from the hospital to send the designer to my home to find out what type of effect this metal element (now called the Geowave) would have on me.

The designer and an associate came to my home and they brought a lot of unusual instruments that seemed dubious to me at the time. My intention was for him to just place the Geowave and I would then document the differences I felt over time. But the designer had more immediate results in mind.

He asked me to go to my bedroom and at the same time, unbeknownst to me, he suspended the Geowave from the ceiling in my living room. I was asked to lie down on my bed and to verbally report to him if and when I felt any differences. As a board-certified scientist and teaching professor at the university, I have been working for many years to put into words what the next fifteen minutes taught me.
During this experiment, something astonishing happened to me. While lying on the bed, I experienced two completely different states of sensation. The first feeling could best be described as jumpy, nervous, and restless. Then within a few short minutes I felt as if I was grounded, relaxed and comfortably sinking into my mattress. I immediately asked him if he could repeat the experiment and he (from the living room) changed my mental/physical state back and forth several additional times, thereby randomly changing the sequence when the “design element” was mounted on my ceiling and when it was not.

I came to find out that the calm and relaxing feeling I received corresponded directly to the periods when the Geowave was in place; and the erratic/nervous characteristic was what I was accustomed to when living there. It was only after feeling the calm in my bedroom that I fully realized how stressful my normal living environment truly was.

Olympic champions thank the Geowave... what about you ?

Markus and Tobias Schiegl - World Champions Austria Olympic Luge Team

I have now enjoyed a restful sleep since the Geowave was placed in my home years ago. My exhaustion now comes from the hours of scientific research on why the Geowave provides people the relaxation of a vacation without even needing to leave their home. After further optimization of the Geowave, including special surface treatments, alloy changes, the use of nosode technologies, etc. etc., the Geowave was ready to be tested in various situations and locations, and in parallel, real scientific studies needed to be carried out.
When we first began testing the Geowave in our large hospital complex, we searched for a place to install it in order to learn more about its ability to reduce stress, either environmental or other types of stress. There was one place which was predestined for such an initial testing – and that was the room where all of our hospital telephone operators fulfill their enormously stressful jobs. A room filled with people in stress and a huge load of technical equipment. This particular department was experiencing a significant amount of sick-days and the employee turnover rate was many times higher than any other department in the hospital complex. This was an ideal location to test whether the Geowave would be able to make a noticeable improvement.

The device was mounted on the ceiling as a design element in the telephone operators’ room. The unit was installed during a weekend night without the knowledge of any employee. Our attempt to calm the operators, reduce sick days and the turnover rate began. Within two months, we were certain about the validity of the Geowave and its ability to calm an area. Needless to say that, in the telephone operator’s room, the number of sick days has decreased and the employee turnover rate has gone back to a rate which one would usually expect.

We then started to perform randomized double-blind scientific studies. It was the beginning of an unparalleled story, and since that time, thousands of Geowaves have been installed in hospitals and various public places, such as economic centers, banks, governmental offices, airport towers, supermarkets (above the cashier’s desks) and countless numbers of private homes. It has significantly contributed to the performance of sports professionals and assisted people in strengthening their body’s defense system to stay healthy and to heal faster. I have met peak performance Olympic and world champion athletes, medical practitioners and business owners who overwhelm me and our team with stories of how they have personally benefited from the Geowave.

The Geowave came to be because it works, not because it was created to market!

Hang it on your ceiling to create a calming / relaxing effect for you and your family – and your employees and customers.