Your house can make you very sick !

Your house can make you very sick !

Unfortunately, there are many potential problems in a house these days.

On top of the problems from the Earth itself, all electrical devices emit harmful electromagnetic waves, also called EMF, or Electrosmog.

Entire books have been written on that subject, the proof is now undeniable.

Worse, no study about all the dangers combined has ever been made, power lines AND cells phones AND wifi AND microwave ovens etc

But you do not need a thousand studies and to know every single different way those things can hurt you before you take action.

So, we will give you only a summary of the main dangers lurking in your house, with their proven effects and reliable links for you to dig further.

We will divide the problems in two categories, the ones that were there before electricity (see ‘Natural stressors‘, and the ones that came with it (see ‘Artificial stressors‘).

Whether you just want to protect yourself in your house, or improve patients’ recovery in your wellness center, we strongly suggest that you pay attention to the following.

NATURAL STRESSORS (also called Geopathic stress)

Diseases, cancer included, existed before electricity and chemicals.  For instance, cancer has been found in the bones of mummies dated 3,000 B.C., even in Dinosaur bones dated 80 million years.  As a result, a rational mind will conclude that cancer has other potential causes than those linked to recent industrial activity and pollution.

Here is a very short summary of their discoveries.

Underground moving water generates EMF :

A common misconception about underground water is that it primarily occurs in underground rivers. In reality, most underground water occurs within tiny void spaces, called pores.  All geologic structures contain water, but the structures that have larger pore sizes, allow the water to flow more easily.  These structures are called aquifers.

For geopathic stress coming from underground aquifers, there is, however, a scientific explanation:  metal ions moving with water, create electromagnetic waves.

“While making its way through tiny pores in rock & gravel, underground water absorbs substances from its environment.  When charged particles (called ions) from metals such as iron are dissolved in the underground water, electric fields (EMF) are created due to the movement of the ions in the water.

These EMFs increase the ‘background noise’ levels and interfere with physiologic processes in our body. From the viewpoints of medicine and biology, underground water streams can harm the human organism.”  Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, Molecular Scientist

For more information, this site specializes on the stress caused to the body by underground aquifers.

Health challenges due to / aggravated by those natural networks : sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, hair loss, bed wetting, low pH, tachycardia, cancer, immune problems.  These problems are real, even animals and plants are affected, as shown on the left.

More info on geopathic stress here and here.  See how animals owners solved geopathic stress with the Geowave.

The following study found  ‘significantly poorer well-being in geopathically stressed zones’.

A recent study published by Indian scientists have even managed to record, with scientific equipment, the influence of geopathic stress.  There are many studies showing the effect of geopathic stress on the human body, but this one is the first that we know of that actually measured it directly.  The proof of their existence is now established.

Do not underestimate the effect of Geopathic stress, it is important to stay away from it when you sleep, especially  if you have a chronic/severe disease.

If you do not believe us, look at the map drawn by Von Pohl in 1930, representing all negative energy from the underground water streams  under a small german town.  In 1929, there was no electromagnetic pollution, no high amount of toxins and carcinogens like today, yet they had a very high and unexplainable incidence of deaths from cancer.  Von Pohl showed that each of the 54 deaths (red dots) had occurred in beds sitting above the negative energy from underground aquifers.  If your house is above an aquifer, you could be in danger!

If you think ‘you have done everything right and still don’t heal’, look no further, this is the number one, but overlooked, stress that could explain why your body may not heal.

The Geowave is the perfect protection against geopathic stress, and it is not a luxury.  This is why it is used to speed up healing in hospitals (according to doctors themselves), or to improve recovery and energy by sportsmen.

If you are still not convinced, this site will give you all the evidence you need to understand the danger of aquifers.  Using data from the US geological site, it shows that many


There are millions of people living above aquifers and they are not even aware of this problem.

ARTIFICIAL STRESSORS (called EMF, ElectroMagnetic Fields, or also ‘ElectroSmog)

Today, we are using so many electrical devices that we consider them as ‘normal’, although the electromagnetic waves they produce disrupt the very fine tuned electromagnetic signals of our own cells.  Some people, called ‘electrosensitives’ can’t stay within several yards of emf, some can’t even lay their hands on a keyboard.

During the last 50 years, the level of electromagnetic power that we live in has increased A BILLION TIMES.

EMF reach you everywhere, even in your house

– power lines and electrical devices (Low Frequencies):

You must be aware that electrical wires and anything connected to power outlets, EVEN WHEN THE DEVICES ARE OFF, radiate very harmful 50 Hz (Europe) or 60 Hz (USA) EMFs (also called LF, Low Frequency).  Power companies have gone to great lengths to persuade people that LF is harmless.  You hear it everywhere, but you also hear people getting very sick under power lines, but it will never be officially linked to the power lines.  So, here is what you need to know and the undeniable proof.

Health challenges due to power lines : leukemia (risk increased by 5) and other cancers, sleep cycle disturbance, lowering of lymphocytes T (immune system), bone growth modification, growth problems, fatigue, depression, headaches

Remember a thousand studies that cannot not find a harmful effect do not cancel out ONE study that has found one such effect.  It’s the other way around actually, when it’s proven, it’s proven, and here it is.

The  study, “On the nature of electromagnetic fields interaction with biological systems” Prof Robert Liburdy, Lawrence Berkely Lab, University of California Berkeley, 1994, has investigated the action of power lines on melatonine.  Fyi, melatonine is a natural tumor growth inhibitor.  Prof Liburdy found out that at 2 mG (milli gauss), the action of melatonine is lowered by 30%, and at 12 mg it is TOTALLY suppressed. Just to give you an idea, you have 10+ mG close, ie at a distance lower than 8 inches, to any source of power (even a cell phone charger, or a bed side lamp).  Studies show that the rate of leukemia increases by a factor of 2 at 2 mg, and FIVE at only 5mg.

There are other studies about the influence of electromagnetic fields on melatonin.


– high frequency devices (High Frequencies) : cell phones, cell phone towers, microwave ovens, DECT phones, WiFi networks

The health challenges of high frequency fields are horrendous.  In a nutshell, you can take all the problems from LF and add the opening of the blood-brain barrier (above 1.5 V/m).  The blood brain barrier protects the brain from molecules found in the blood.  Its opening by HF is a disaster because it allows heavy metals (mercury), toxins, or albumine to reach and destroy brain cells.  Just to give you an idea, the level that is considered safe for cells phones is 0.06 V/m.  Any cell phone emits approximatively 20 V/m, ie 300 times more than the safe level, during a conversation.  Some go as high as 1,000 times.

The thing to understand is that, except fatigue and lack of sleep that can appear in a matter of hours, serious health challenges are long term , approx 15 years.  Of course, most studies funded by industrials limit their time span well under that, and proudly announce their devices are safe … The situation is comparable to asbestos, the worse is yet to come.


Again, do your homework, government, industrials, telcos will ALWAYS tell you that everything is fine.  They will even ignore the precaution principle that requires to stop using those technologies, or seriously reducing their emission power until we know better.  Well, YOU know better already.

Here again, the Geowave will help your body cope with EMF stress.  This is why it is used by individuals to improve their quality of life in their homes.

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