New Age Healing

Times have changed drastically over the last 10 years. Most importantly, our lives have changed. The human being has always been changing but the change has been on overdrive in these last few years. Naturally then, various aspects of our lives have undergone several changes as well. Especially in terms of health, there have been radical changes in perspectives. Something that is called as new age healing is sweeping the health world like a revolution.

The most notable thing about many of these new age healing approaches is that these methods are taking us back to nature. Medical experts of contemporary times feel that we have angered nature by leaning too much on those antibiotics and other synthetic approaches, which have resulted in a weakening of the human constitution. That is the reason for the great exodus towards new age methods which are actually nothing but a comeback of our traditional approaches of medicine.

Various herbal methods form a big chunk of all new age healing practices. These could be in the form of dietary supplements or sprays or creams which are all derived from extracts of various beneficial plants found all across the planet. These methods have their different offshoots such as aromatherapy (healing with fragrances), chromatherapy (healing with colors) and so on.

Dr. Edward Bach is credited with a very popular new age healing method called as the Bach Flower Treatment. Using a special species of flora known as Bach’s flowers, people are treated for their psychological problems that can take a toll on various aspects of their body. This helps them overcome their issues such as excessive stress and depression.

The Geowave is another such device. This new age healing approach doesn’t require the user to do anything special but simply attach the device somewhere in their homes or offices. The device has a special microchip that generates waves which can positively influence the human body and mind. Even hospitals use this positive energy generator. The Geowave is in tandem with the new age principle that positive energy is all around us, but we have forgotten the way to use it to improve our lives.

Sound therapy is also used to an appreciable degree in recent times. This kind of treatment coerces different organs of the body to respond to vibrations of different frequencies. Most people classify sound therapy as a passive meditative process. Some advocators of this method prefer using music to make this method more interesting to the users. Mood music of different types is harnessed for such kind of healing.

A lot of methods that have been developed over the last 50 years are being used quite prominently right now. One of these is astral projection in which the person is taken to a transcendental state in his or her sleep, while spiritual healing is attained. Healing with auras is another new age healing method that is used prevalently among believers.

New Age Healing

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