How and why the Geowave works

geowave_rainbow.jpg Stress is the major reason why most people do not sleep well – but it is important to realize that stress comes not only from our lives but also from our environment.

There are numerous environmental stressors, and we have little control over most of them.  Fortunately, the Geowave allows the body to get rid of stress without the need to know precisely which stressor is wrecking your health.  Here is why!


Numerous studies have shown that the human body is greatly influenced by environmental stress from natural and man-made sources like geopathic zones, computers, wi-fi routers, power-lines and the list goes on.  The bottom line is that these devices cause physical stress to your body over a large frequency range (as you can see from the above picture), even when you sleep.   See here for more details on how natural and artificial stress harms the body.

Everything in the Universe vibrates at specific frequencies: bridges, stars, and even organs in your body.  The Geowave has been specifically designed to keep the body in harmony, vibrating at its own healthy frequencies, instead of negative ones coming from the environment.

The easiest way to understand this is to think about the Geowave as a tuning fork.  Since a tuning fork can only vibrate at a specific frequency,  the principle of ‘Entrainment’ in Physics (also called ‘resonance’) dictate that objects around it start vibrating at the same frequency.  For instance, when one pulls a guitar string, the guitar next to it will start vibrating at that frequency too, even if no one touches it.  Similarly, when a Geowave is hung in a home, the cells of your body will start vibrating in synch with the Geowave instead of negative frequencies from environmental stressors.

As a result, the Geowave eliminates disharmony and permanent stress created by ALL negative environmental frequencies.  Instead of producing adrenalin/noradrenalin to keep your body in fight/flight mode, i.e. nervous, higher heart rate, light sleep, your body will start functioning normally again, with great improvements in sleep quality and duration.

A pilot study on insomnia (to be published) conducted by University Professor, Dr Gerhard Hacker* confirmed this phenomenon.  A Geowave was used because it  is scientifically validated, and well known in Europe for its harmonizing property.   This results often in impressive changes, as some people testify.

Also, since the Geowave is made of metal and Gold, its coarse surface will scatter a large spectrum of electomagnetic rays in all directions.   For every ray hitting the body straight from the source, there will also be many reflected rays, which BLUR or cancel out each other, at every frequency.


Scientists will understand that every cell hit by a sine wave straight from the source, will also receive many reflections from the Geowave, at the same frequency, but with different angles and phases. This means that they do not add up, but cancel each other out, or greatly reduce the overall level of exposure.

This is a second effect explaining how the Geowave eliminates the effect of environmental stress, which is critically important to sleep properly.

Think of it in terms of building a shield around your body.

There are obviously additional benefits because deep sleep increases melatonin production as well as other hormones.  Good quality sleep is needed for the production of proper amounts of melatonin. Scientific tests have shown that the Geowave improves the quality of sleep, hence increase melatonin production.  Melatonin is known for its beneficial effects on the immune system and its ability to make a person look and feel younger (anti-aging).

This explains why Geowave owners sleep better and endure much less stress.

* Univ-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, and Molecular Scientist

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