Electrical devices and power lines increase leukemia risk by 500%

Power lines and electrical devices are NOT SAFE !

You must be aware that electrical wires and anything connected to power outlets, EVEN WHEN THE DEVICES ARE OFF, radiate very harmful 50 Hz (Europe) or 60 Hz (USA) electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs; also called LF, Low Frequency).  Power companies have gone to great lengths to persuade people that LFs are harmless.  You hear it everywhere, but you also hear people getting very sick under power lines, but it will never be officially linked to the power lines.  So, here is what you need to know and the undeniable proof.

Health challenges due to power lines : leukemia (increases in risk by a factor of 5) and other cancers; sleep cycle disturbance;lowering of lymphocytes T (immune system); bone growth modification; growth problems; fatigue;depression; headaches.

It only takes ONE study to prove that EMFs are harmful, and here it is.

In the  study, “On the nature of electromagnetic fields interaction with biological systems” Prof Robert Liburdy, Lawrence Berkely Lab, University of California Berkeley, 1994, has investigated the action of power lines on melatonin.  FYI, melatonin is a natural cancer inhibitor, powerful antioxidant and regulates the sleep cycle.

Prof. Liburdy found out that at 2 mG (milli gauss), the action of melatonin is lowered by 30%, and at 12 mg it is TOTALLY suppressed.

Just to give you an idea, you have 10+ mG close, i.e. at a distance lower than 8 inches, to any source of power (even a cell phone charger, or a bed side lamp).

Studies show that the rate of leukemia increases by a factor of 2 at 2 mg, and FIVE at only 5 mg.

The single most common mistake almost everybody does is sleeping close to a bed lamp or working all day close to electrical wires.


First and foremost, stay as far away as you can from any electrical source, especially when you sleep.

Never get closer than 1 yard.

You will probably not be able to avoid the problem completely, but the Geowave will help you by reducing further (or eliminating) the effects of electromagnetic fields, which increase cortisol levels, and at the same time, lower melatonin.

An increase of melatonin has many health benefits, among which improved cancer fighting and anti-aging.

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