The secret to physical performance of Brett Goode, Green Bay Packers – a Geowave

The Geowave allows serious athletes to improve their strength and recovery times, as Brett Goode of the Green Bay Packers testifies. If you don’t use it, your competitors will! […]

EMF, skin, allergies problems reduction by 75%

EMF, skin, allergies problems reduction by 75% was uploaded by: HealWithYourHouse
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Biomedical evidence of geopathic stress and harmonization with Geowave

This double-blind randomized against placebo study clearly demonstrates the negative impact of geopathic zones on the immune system and the corrective and harmonizing effect of the Geowave. […]

How and why the Geowave works

The Geowave protects the body from environmental stress. This results in a better sleep, faster recovery and an increase of melatonin production, with positive changes of your mood, skin and immune system. […]

Electrical devices and power lines increase leukemia risk by 500%

Electrical devices and wires are dangerous for your health. Studies have shown an increase of risk of leukemia up to 500%. Other problems are other cancers, fatigue, lack of sleep, sleep cycle disturbance, lowering of lymphocytes T (immune system), bone growth modification, growth problems. […]