Biomedical evidence of geopathic stress and harmonization with Geowave

The experimental design used in our study allowed to examine short-term effects only.  Long-term exposure to stress-inducing factors usually causes more pronounced negative effects. It is widely known that in such cases of chronic stress the immune system may be down-regulated. Whole cascades of messenger factors are released, directly influencing the immune  system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the psychological status. In severe cases, cancer, cardiopathy, autoimmune diseases and [41, 42, 44, 62, 71–73]. There is, however, considerable individual variability in the immune response to stress. To a large extent, this seems to be determined by the subject’s way of dealing with stress [72]. Meditation and lifestyle improvements may help to cope with stress to a certain degree.

Prolonged exposure to stressors may, however, sooner or later outweigh the person’s coping resources [72, 74]. Long-term exposure to geopathy, e.g. sleeping in a geopathic area, may prove particularly stressful. In such conditions, the organism would not receive the full rest required for repair and regeneration. In our study, a harmonizing/compensatory effect of the Geowave device was detectable in almost all test persons, with only very few exceptions. Provided that the short-term effect detected in our study also applies to more long-term situations, our observation may be very valuable: For instance in places where people have diminished resistance and health, such as hospitals, the device may prove to be beneficial for healing.

Geopathic/electromagnetic stress zones may influence the release of messenger substances (hormones, regulatory peptides). It has been speculated that the central nervous system (CNS) and the lymphatic system are not the only ones likely to be affected by geopathic stress. It is known that electromagnetic radiation from various sources can also interfere with the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the diffuse neuroendocrine system (DNES), thereby influencing glandular functions, the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and the urogenital system [42, 43, 75]. The GDV corona diagrams obtained in our study indirectly support this hypothesis: In more than 70% of the test persons, weakened energy levels of the cardiovascular system were observed, and weak points were also found in other organ projections, such as the urogenital system or the gastrointestinal tract.

The Geowave Device: Function?

It is not yet known why the Geowave showed a harmonizing effect. Taking the human body as a physical object, we suspect that the device, instead of the body, goes into resonance with the geologically and possibly also with some technically originating fields, as a kind of a predominant resonator antenna. We do not know whether this is a valid explanation, but various academic physicists we have discussed this matter with could not give an alternative explanation. The overall size of the device, the distance between the corrugations, the shape and size of the sigmoid bending, the composition of the alloy used and a number of other factors may influence the effect.

Short Critical Appraisal

Short-term stress may also have beneficial effects, e.g. stimulation of a person’s maximum performance (eustress, in contrast to distress [78]). Long-term exposure to stressors, however, has negative effects on the majority of people. With the methods used in our study, we could find a small number of persons (out of the 52 test persons) whose GDV glow image areas did not change or even increased after exposure to geopathic stress.

This does not appear to be the rule, but seems to be possible in certain people as a short-term effect. With the exception of a few test persons, the Geowave device showed a harmonizing effect on almost all test persons. It might, therefore, be necessary to check individual effects of the device before mounting it. Again, it should be emphasized that only short-term effects have been measured here, long-term studies are to follow.

In conclusion, we have obtained reproducible, statistically significant data indicating that the human body reacts differently in different areas. The zones investigated were muted by professional dowsers. We showed that the Geowave provided a statistically significant harmonizing effect. Also, a number of the findings obtained in this study support the idea of earlier work that the main effect of geopathic zones might be due to effects on the immune system and the pineal system. These results await confirmation by direct measurements of the parameters involved. “

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