Biomedical evidence of geopathic stress and harmonization with Geowave

This is a summary of a study published in 2005,  “Biomedical Evidence for Influences of Geopathic Stress on the Human Body: Scientifically Traceable Effects and a Way for Harmonization” that was accepted in the peer- reviewed procedure for publication in the most prestigious Journal of Complementary Medicine in Europe “Research in Complementary and Classical Natural Medicine”. (study)

A team of scientists, led by Dr. Gerhard Hacker, measured the biological influence of two different zones on 52 patients, using a randomized double-blind design.  They measured the influence of these zones by using a GDV device, and also showed the harmonizing effect of the Geowave.

A GDV is a “Gas Discharge Visualization” equipment. The GDV is the state of the art in Bioelectrography and was created by Prof. – Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia.  Figure 2 shows the general principle of the GDV: a high voltage electric field creates a gas discharge at the fingertip (figure 3) that is measured by a CCD camera.  Knowing that the meridians end up at the fingertips, and that they are linked to all organs according to Chinese medicine, it is not difficult to understand, at least superficially, that the discharge pattern will be influenced by the energetic state of the meridians, i.e. by the patient’s level of well-being or stress.  (For detailed information about GDV, see here)

Hence, the GDV allows for a quick but detailed checkup of the whole body at the energy level, by collecting the discharge patterns of all fingers, and displaying the energy status of all organs of the body according to a colorful pattern (corona) around the body such as the ones on the first figure.  Peaks and valleys in that energy field indicates potential problems of the related organ (click on figure 4 to enlarge it).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4 (click to enlarge)

The ‘mean GDV image area’ is derived from the single areas of glow (the number of pixels with non-zero intensity in each single electrophotonic finger image – fig 3) and is calculated as the mean obtained from the sum of all single finger images.  This ‘mean image area of glow’ is a parameter that has gained increased acceptance by the biomedical research community.

In the study, patients were placed, one by one, and for 15 minutes, over geopathic and non-geopathic stress zones, and the ‘glow area’ of a single finger was measured hundreds of times to get the ‘mean image area of glow’.  Also, a Geowave was randomly setup or removed in a room nearby to study its harmonizing effect over geopathically stressed people.

Figure 5 shows the final results for all patients and all zones, with or without the Geowave.

Figure 5

Figure 6 (click to enlarge)

The histogram compares the overall mean glow image areas obtained from 52 test persons in 4 different test variations. Areas are expressed in pixels with the corresponding SEMs superimposed. Compared to the intermediate-sized GDV glow area values obtained in the more neutral zone, the areas in the geopathic stress area decreased. In both zones the areas were markedly increased when the Geowave device was mounted in a double-blind manner.

Figure 5 clearly demonstrates a negative biological effect of geopathic zones, and the harmonizing/protecting effect of a Geowave.

(See the original study for much more detailed explanations and analysis.  )

Very interestingly, the researchers also looked at the whole energy field of the patients (see figure 6).

One can clearly see, again, that peaks and dips of stressed patients were harmonized by the Geowave, in several areas mainly the head, heart and lymphatic system (represented in the lower leg area by convention – see figure 4 for more details), as well as the urogenital system or the gastrointestinal tract.

The glow area patterns obtained qualitatively appeared more evenly distributed with the Geowave mounted, whereas without the device, a more inconsistent appearance was found in most cases.

On a large proportion of the corona diagrams calculated, they observed that test persons placed in the more neutral zone and even more so in the geopathic zone showed body energy deficits and that the appearance of the diagrams was more ‘edgy’ when no device was present.  It is evident that a rounding or erruption-compensating effect is obtained by using the Geowave, EVEN ON NON-GEOPATHIC ZONES.

Here are their conclusions (the numbers in brackets refer to studies listed at the end of the original study).  Read it thoroughly to understand how geopathic stress and electromagnetic waves affect your health, and how the Geowave allows the body to cope with that stress.

“Assuming that a smaller GDV glow area represents a decreased overall energy state of the measured person, the strikingly smaller GDV glow area we observed in the geopathic zone compared to the more neutral zone may be a sign of increased stress induction, indicating an increased risk of a weakening of the immune system’s capabilities for defense and repair.” Dowsers reported that some people, when in geopathic zones, relatively quickly sense a reduction in well-being [1, 48, 49]. Some people become nervous, and various symptoms may arise. Retardation of the immune system has several consequences. Firstly, if the stress-inducing situation lasts for a long time, the incidence of minor infections, such as colds, increases. Secondly, it is likely that undesirable psychological effects are developed. Thirdly, long-lasting exposure to geopathy may also prove to make the organism more likely to acquire cancer.

A number of publications present data which underline the potential risk of development of malignancies, such as leukemia, triggered by some types of electromagnetic radiation. Some authors speak of slightly elevated levels of relative risk [50], others about highly significant increases in the incidence of malignancies, cardiovascular deficiencies, immune deficiency disorders, restless sleep, chronic pain, migraine/ headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability and chronic fatigue. Stress of various causes, including geopathy and technical fields, has also been suggested to be a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioral problems and neurological disabilities in children [2–6, 50–62].

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