We want to make SURE that our customers benefit from the positive effects of the Geowave, so we are more than willing to extend our regular 30 day guarantee to 60 day to all customers.  This extended guarantee is designed to let you evaluate, for yourself, the benefits that the Geowave can bring to your life.  In other words, we want you to feel that the Geowave effects are real, regardless of how you feel today. In order for you to feel the positive effects of the Geowave, you must agree to use (hang) the Geowave for at least 30 consecutive days and nights.

We will refund you the full purchase price of the Geowave if you decide to return the product before the expiration of the guarantee, as long as the following conditions are met.

The above-mentioned guarantee extension is AUTOMATICALLY granted to any customer who is trying the Geowave  for the first time.


The Geowave will be refunded no questions asked, as long as the following conditions are met:

– You immediately inform our customer service if the Geowave box and or the Geowave were damaged in the shipment to you (within 24 hours of receipt).

– You agree to install the Geowave in your home within 24 hours after receiving it.

– The device has been treated and handled according to the specific handling instructions.

– All requirements listed in ‘Specific terms and conditions for the Geowave’ have been followed.


The Geowave must be treated according to the following:

– Using the following e-mail address (refund@healwithyourhouse.com), send us an e-mail requesting an RMA (return authorization).  We will respond to your request within 1 business day by providing you with the RMA and the address to ship the Geowave.

– You agree to save the shipping box the Geowave was shipped to you in, as the Geowave must only be shipped in this box. This box is specially designed to protect the special shape of the Geowave, and there is only one proper way for the Geowave to be positioned in this box – any other way could cause damage to the Geowave and will result in voiding any refund which would have been due to you.

– The Geowave has a special shape and surface treatment and must never be painted, dented, scratched or tampered with.  Damage to the Geowave automatically voids the guarantee.

– When shipping the Geowave, the frame of the Geowave must be facing down towards the bottom of the box – and the frame of the Geowave rests (sits) in the cardboard cradle that is built into the bottom of the Geowave box. The large end of the Geowave will be positioned over the cardboard cradle – with frame facing down, and the side which is 100% corrugated material only, no frame showing, will be facing up so the lid of the box can rest on the corrugated material of the Geowave.

– The product is returned in perfect condition.


Since we are very serious about the Geowave, and even more serious about making sure you get the maximum benefits possible – we require that each customer responds to our weekly feedback survey via e-mail.

This is very simple information, but critically important to us and the Geowave. For example, within 24 business hours after you receive the Geowave, you will receive our first e-mail asking you if and when you installed the Geowave in your home or office. This is simple but critical information – as the Geowave can’t help you unless it is hanging in your home.

Every 7 days, we will send you another simple questionnaire asking for an update.  This information will enable us to determine if the Geowave is installed properly and in working order. If at anytime during this process, we feel the Geowave is not working properly, we may request that you move it to another location (rare occasion only).

The feedback questionnaire is a simple list of general questions.  It will take less than 5 minutes to reply, and you are absolutely free to report anything you want.  We believe in your honestly, so we will never ask you to prove your feedback in any way shape or form (phone calls, doctor’s statement etc).

We will never require you to reveal personal details about your illness.

We will only ask you to report on improvements generally felt by our customers, i.e.

– improved sleep, more energy,

– powerful release of toxins and chemicals stored in the body, also called ‘detox’ or ‘healing crisis’,

– significant pain reduction,

– obvious skin, mood, well-being improvements,

– enhanced healing.

For instance, we won’t ask you to reveal if you have back pain, or cancer, we will only ask you to evaluate any pain improvement, on a 1 to 10 scale.

Any of these improvements is considered a successful test.

At any time, you will be absolutely free to write only what you are comfortable sharing with us.

However, since many people have a wonderful experience with the Geowave, we reserve the right to share with future customers a short summary of your improvements, without any of your personal details.

Rest assured that all your personal details will never be put online, or transmitted to anyone without your written permission.

In addition, customers will support the costs related to refund (shipment, financial fees (currency exchanges) etc).  Due to Paypal or other financial institutions that limit the refund period, the 60 day guarantee starts the day the product is purchased, and ends the day the product is accepted for a refund, in accordance with all of the above.